Sam Gatz
5 stars ⭐️ because this place has inspired me to quit vaping/smoking! Purchased a vape which was damaged and leaking, went back in not two minutes later and was met with staunch accusations that I was trying to return a different vape than the one I just bought. I’ve only been shopping here since they opened and have never had any issues, so I was really confused and upset to be treated like a dirty, dishonest individual. Rest assured to the employees at Stardust, I’m ultimately happy that you showed your true colors and acted so irrationally. Now I have a great reason to quit vaping and not shop here - clearly, employees here expect no better of their customers than to be dishonest, dirty people. I refuse to allow myself to be subject to such baseless and insulting assumptions.
Silva Gabriel
Stardust Smoke Shop has such a great variety of CBD products. I've tried many and have never been disappointed!
Clinton Leffler
Stardust Smoke Shop has the best selection of smoking accessories. I love that they have so many unique and trendy options!
I love shopping at Stardust Smoke Shop for their high-quality disposable vape products. They always have the latest and greatest options!
Olivia Ava
Stardust Smoke Shop has the best CBD products in town.I've tried many other stores, but nothing compares to their quality.
Michael Stephen
The staff here is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. I always leave feeling confident in my purchase.
Sahid Khan
I was blown away by the selection of vaporizers available at this store. The staff were helpful and patient as I tried to decide which one to purchase. I ended up buying a top-of-the-line vaporizer and have been extremely happy with it. I highly recommend this store to anyone looking for a quality vaporizer.